Exotic Plants | Landscaping | Philippines

Exotic Plants | Landscaping | Philippines

A vast collection of our exotic plants are mostly native to the Philippines.

Forest Treasures is pleased and proud to launch our new website of native plant species of the Philippines. It is our invaluable contribution to enhance and promote scientific knowledge on our plant species to the world. Our commitment towards environmental protection, preservation, and conservation of the country's plant ecosystem, as this serves as an valuable information and imporatant reference for plant enthusiasts, hobbyist, collectors, researchers, economic, landscapers and students related to sciences, botany, and ecology.


Our most awarded plant: Angiopteris Palmiformis | Giant Fern | Variegated


Variegated Fern: Angiopteris Palmiformis


Recent Awards

Awards in Ornamental Plants:

Philippine Horticultural Society 2011:
- Best Plant in Show
- 1st Place: Ferns and Fern Allies
- 1st Place: Variegated and Mutant
- 1st Place: Fern A
- 1st Place: Best Aroid
- 1st Place: Aroid A
- 1st Place: Aroid C
- 1st Place: Local Species
Awards in Landscaping:

Philippine Horticultural Society 2011:
- 3rd Place: Landscape Booth Competition

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Exotic Plants | Landscaping | Philippines